1. Gratitude and Appreciation – perhaps of the time you have set aside to do something for yourself, or maybe the lovely materials you are using. Get comfortable, remember to breathe, take your time. Enjoy the moment.

  2. Corner dots – lightly pencil four corner dots on the tile.

  3. Border – lightly pencil a border, connecting the dots to form a square, it needn’t be straight-lined, it can have a little wiggle or curve.

  4. Draw the string, separating the square into sections.

  5. Tangle – tangle is a noun and a verb. In the same way that you would drink a drink or dance a dance – you tangle a tangle. A tangle is a series of steps which when drawn in sequence, form a specific pattern. You “tangle” to draw a pattern, and the pattern itself is also referred to as a tangle. Take your time to follow the steps of each tangle (pattern), focusing on drawing one stroke at a time, rather than thinking of the outcome – enjoy the process and relax into filling each section. Remember to turn your tile to make it more comfortable as you draw, you will find that after a little while this happens naturally. It saves your wrist from aching and helps you get the lines the way you want them.

  6. Shade – add a little graphite to bring drama, dimension or contrast to your tiles. There are lots of different techniques for this, but you don’t need to worry about the “right” one – just go with it, experiment.

  7. Initial the front and sign the back of the tile – you might also want to add the date or any little notes for mementos, eg: “at the cafe” or “with Susie”.

  8. Appreciate your beautiful creation! Perhaps by holding at arm’s length and turning to see which way you like it best!
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